CrypKart is a one-stop solution for all your crypto needs. We exist with a mission to become a world leader in crypto currency trading space. CrypKart is the FIRST OF ITS KIND peer to peer crypto trading platform listing multiple crypto currencies + provide proper business management modules to traders. Peer-to-peer trading, being our first step, we eventually plan to build an Order-Booking trading platform as well. At P2P exchange, people from different countries can exchange their local currency to BitCoin (and other cryptocurrency). The site allows users/traders to post advertisements where they state exchange rate and payment methods for buying or selling cryptocurrency. You reply to these advertisements and trade directly with any of the listed payment methods and your mode of payment. As a security measure the under trade cryptocurrency is placed in escrow with The escrow is only released once the seller has realized the payment.

How is CrypKart different

Crypkart is a global Cryptocurrency exchange. We believe in the future of Cryptos and the opportunity they bring in. Crypkart has been built to empowertraders and optimize their earning is a de-centralised exchange, embracing the true nature of Blockchain and Bitcoins. On you deal with real humans. CrypKart can support every payment method its user community supports.

The CrypKart Exchange is build with the latest and most secure tech stack to give speed security and reliance. Our peer - to - peer engine is smart and works in the favor of the traders. Since our core team consists of many seasoned traders - we built the features that were missing in some of the top exchanges. The below listed features are straight from the WISH LIST of traders.

  • First platform to support multiple crypto currencies
  • Slab based commission structure : trade more, save more
  • Team builder and trade management module : forpower traders - now expand your trading business
  • A dedicated android and ios app : for trading on the go
  • Framework to launch ALTCoins
  • Account management and strong analytics : businessintelligence built in
  • Multi-lingual : we are inclusive
  • The team, the experience and the expertise : CrypKart is by traders, for traders and from traders. Immense experiencewith trading and trading platforms to the core.
  • CrypKart Partner Program - with hoards of business opportunities
  • CrypKoin : CrypKart?s own token with high utilization opportunities
  • One of its kind - Both p2p and order bookingtrading options olled into one platform
  • Offline Presence for safe, secure cash transactions.We are coming soon to your city..

Contact Us

For any queries feel free to write to us on [email protected]