Frequently Asked Questions

Here are most common questions asked by users at CrypKart

Crypkart is a one-to-one / Peer-to-Peer cryptocurrency exchange. We are an open platform from where buyers and sellers can purchase and sell an array of cryptocurrency from and to one another. Clients, called traders, can create and display advertisements mentioning the rate and mode of payment they prefer. You can browse through trade advertisements on our website homepage and look for a payment method most suited to you. There are more than 100 different payment methods for purchase and sale of cryptocurrency being offered by traders worldwide.
You can initiate bitcoin (or other cryptocurrency) trades ("trade" or "contact") to either buy or sell by sending trade requests to advertisements created by other users. By sending a trade request you agree to be bound by the terms and conditions of the trade as selected and determined by the advertiser (whether by selecting from options available to advertiser for advertisements or by any freeform terms and conditions set out by the advertiser in the Terms of trade field) and displayed on the advertisement page. The terms and conditions specified by the advertiser are valid in all cases except when they contradict or violate these Terms of Service, are unreasonable or otherwise difficult to comply with, are illegal, or if both parties of the trade consent to alter the terms and conditions of the trade. The exchange rate, bitcoin amount, payment window, payment method and other terms and conditions of the trade that are visible on the advertisement page prior to sending a trade request cannot be altered once a trade request has been sent and the trade has started. All communication relevant to the trade must happen in the trade chat part of the trade in such a way that it is readily available for CrypKart support staff to review. Communication that has not occurred on CrypKart or that has been hidden, encrypted or otherwise obstructed from view is not taken into consideration during dispute review and dispute resolution.
You can initiate bitcoin trades ("trade" or "contact") to either buy or sell bitcoin by sending trade requests to advertisements created by other users. When you are selling bitcoin it is your responsibility to check that you have confirmed, independent of the buyer and their payment evidence, that you have received payment for the full amount, that the payment is not made by a third party to the trade, and that it was made according to your instructions given to the buyer. After you have released a trade to the buyer it is not possible to cancel, reverse, dispute or otherwise recover or return the bitcoins to you. Payments made by buyers must be sent by the same person that registered and uses the account. Payment details provided by sellers must match the name of the CrypKart account holder. Making, providing, or attempting to make or provide payments to or from third parties is considered a violation of this agreement. All communication relevant to the trade must happen in the trade chat part of the trade in such a way that it is readily available for CrypKart support staff to review. Communication that has not occurred on CrypKart or that has been hidden, encrypted or otherwise obstructed from view is not taken into consideration during dispute review and dispute resolution.
All our trades are protected by escrow. When a trade is initiated, the amount of cryptocurrency for that trade is instantly locked from the seller's CrypKart Wallet. Which means that if the seller takes your money but fails to release your coins, the CrypKart team can release the cryptocurrency to you from escrow. If you are selling cryptocurrency, do not dissolve the escrow before you have confirmed receipt of payment from the buyer. Please note that local/cash trades have escrow enabled by default as well.

Each advertisement on the website has a price mentioned next to it showing the cost in fiat currency for that cryptocurrency. For instance, if you want to buy Bitcoin in US dollars; the price may be listed as 9100 USD/BTC. This means that to buy 1 Bitcoin you would need at least 9100 US dollars. This is same for other cryptocurrency as well.

Yes, you can! Every advertisement mentions something called limits. A limit tells you the minimum and maximum amount of crypto you can buy from that particular advertisement. Each Bitcoin and even other cryptocurrency can be divided into many more smaller pieces, each one of these pieces is called one satoshi (different for other currencies) example for the same is denoted as 0.00000001 BTC. You can buy as many or as little satoshi as you wish.

Bitcoin and all other cryptocurrencies works on features that differ from traditional currency, so while it gives you complete control over your money there are also certain glitches. Bitcoin and other cryptocurrency transactions cannot be reversed, unlike other modes of payments which can be reversed and charged back. This is risky for sellers of any cryptocurrency, since Paypal or some banks can take the money received by the seller from their account after he has released the cryptocurrency. Therefore traders quote a higher rate for certain payment modes to safeguard their interests from the risk involved with such methods. To get the best rates, we highly recommend you to use difficult to reverse payment methods like Cash Deposit, mobile payments and bank transfers. While you browse for sellers of any cryptocurrency, opt for ?All online offers? as payment method and you will be provided with a list of offers for all payment methods. Select the option most feasible for you and offering the best rate so suited to you.

When a trade is initiated, the amount of cryptocurrency needed for that trade is taken from the sellers wallet and held by CrypKart for the entire duration of the trade. If the seller defaults, you can contact our team for help. Once we have received proof that you have made the payment we will release the Bitcoin to you.

There are two types of trades available on CrypKart, local trades and online trades. Online trades take place completely online on our trading platform and you would never need to meet the person you are trading with. In case of such trades, Escrow is instantly enabled and funded, meaning that as a buyer you are under the protection of our escrow system. Mostly all of the trades on CrypKart are online trades as that is what is recommended by us, to safeguard all interested parties. Local trades is one where the trading takes place face-to-face, and in person. It is advisable to not use an online payment method like bank transfers, Paypal etc for local trades as there is no risk cover offered by us there. We are ready with the logistics to bring you escrowed local cash trades in your city! Stay tuned.

All the Bitcoins/Alt-crypto you buy using, appear in your CrypKart Web Wallet or the wallet address so specified by you before initiating the trade. From your CrypKart wallet you can transfer your cryptocurrency to other addresses with ease. Please ensure that the wallet specified by you accepts the currency you wish to receive. Providing a wrong receive address for your coin would solely be your responsibility though we will try our best to help you in identifying the correct address Most existing Bitcoin services are compatible with one another, the Bitcoins you buy from CrypKart can be used at all online stores that accept Bitcoin, and at local stores accepting Bitcoin. To transfer Bitcoins from your CrypKart Wallet enter the receiving address and the amount to be sent and click continue.

To know your CrypKart receiving address for all cryptocurrencies visit the wallet page (visible on top right) and click on the Receive Bitcoin (hl) button. Your receiving address will be displayed at the top of the page. Kindly note that your receiving address will be changed after every transaction for security reasons. This is done in interest of your privacy and safety of your funds. Your old receiving addresses will become defunct. The validity period for each receiving address is 1 year and we will track your previous addresses to ensure you don?t lose any money due to not being aware. After retrieving your CrypKart receiving address for the particular cryptocurrency, you can visit your other cryptocurrency wallet and use this address to transfer Bitcoins to your CrypKart wallet. Kindly note that the minimum amount you can send to your wallet has to match or be greater than our withdraw fee. Crypto transfers smaller than that cannot be processed or recovered as it needs to be adjusted against the fee. Each cryptocurrency will have its unique withdraw fees depending upon the network congestion and activity.

If done correctly Cryptocurrency transactions initiated with the correct fee, it would take anywhere between 10-60 minutes to send Bitcoins to your CrypKart Wallet. If the transaction takes longer than this, please ensure that the adequate fee amount has been entered. You can concurrently use a few services to change the amount of fees you have pushed with the transaction. Transactions between CrypKart users? wallets take place immediately. Transactions sent from your CrypKart wallet are attached with a high priority fee to guarantee they confirm in approximately 30 minutes (within three blocks).

Such an event can happen because of two reasons, either the cryptocurrency transaction was sent with a lower fee or the network of the currency sent might be congested, in both these situations the transactions will take longer to complete. Crypto can be used from the wallet they are transferred to only once we receive two confirmations from its network. You can learn more about cryptos and their network and their confirmation process from here - Bitcoin (wikipedia) (hl) ethereum (hl ethereum wiki) Litecoin(HL) (litecoin wiki link) Monero (HL monero link) Dash (HL dash link) Ripple (HL Ripple link) Zcash (HL Zcash Link) etc To check the status of your Bitcoin/Crypto transaction 1. Find out the transaction id (TXID) or the receiving wallet address (looks like: 1JF7RrjBzmnVyxmz3cdFeGWA7iVxyg) as well as the amount of Bitcoins transferred. This would help you narrow down the particular transaction. After you have sent the transaction, log into and get all information related to that transaction from your wallet transaction history. 2. Go to or or 3. Enter the receiving address/ transactions ID (TXID) into the Search field. The currency amount can be used for quicker identification of transactions if the receiving address has several incoming transactions. 4. For more information click on the transaction. 5. Look for the number of confirmations the transaction has. If your transaction has: ? 6 confirmations or more: this means the receiving wallet has received the transaction. Incase the transaction does not appear in the receiving wallet kindly get in touch with the provider of the wallet. ? Less than 6 confirmations: the transaction has left the sending wallet but still to appear in the receiving wallet. ? If the transaction cannot be found: the transaction is yet to leave from the sending wallet, and you need to get in touch with the holder of the sending wallet asking them to release the same.

Yes, you can trade cryptocurrency without owning a mobile phone, but you will have a limited list of advertisements you can respond to. Having a phone number that can be verified by CrypKart increases the number of advertisements available for you to reply to.

Go through our Security Guide to learn more about how to secure your account. Listed below are some tips to protect yourself against phishing and hacking attempts. 1.Enable a two-factor authentication for your account. This provides protection if someone other than you gets access to your password. If two-factor authentication is in place, it is not possible to access your account with just your password. Do make a note of the backup codes, somewhere safe so you can retrieve then when needed. 2.Ensure SafeLogin is enabled. This offers protection against logins from unknown web browsers. When SafeLogin detects activity from a new web browser it sends a link to your registered email address asking you to confirm the browser. SafeLogin is turned on by default for all new users, read more about SafeLogin 3.Always use a strong password, one with minimum 10 characters, to protect against hackers. If you find it difficult to remember a big password, make a physical note of it at a safe location. 4.Do not use the same password on multiple websites and never share your password with other people. 5.Never use an email provider that can be accessed without a password. There is total loss of privacy since anyone can enter your account without it being protected. 6. It is advisable to use secure and encrypted email service provider such as HushMail. You can enable all the security features listed above from you profile page by going to the Security section. In the case of Bitcoins, the holder of the wallet and Bitcoins is responsible for their own security. If your user account is hacked into, you will lose your crypto. Since cryptocurrency transactions are NOT reversible it will not be possible for CrypKart to help you recover them. Make sure you follow all possible security measures to safeguard yourself against any losses.

Immediately change your password Immediately open a support ticket and give details of what happened and provide your account name, the registered email address used to open your CrypKart account, your name as mentioned in the CrypKart account, IP address, phone number linked to your account and your recent site activity. You can know your IP address by searching in Google for "What is my IP?".

To enable two-factor authentication go to the security settings page after logging in to your account. There is only one type of two-factor authentication available to you - mobile based. While activating two-factor authentication it is advisable to write down the backup code on paper and keep it in a safe place. If you forget your two-factor codes you will be unable to log in to your account and you will need a two-factor reset which takes two weeks to process. Activate mobile based two-factor authentication 1. Go to the two-factor activation page and select I want to use mobile app based
two-factor authentication. 2. Download the authentication app on your phone. We use Google Authenticator, which is
compatible with Android, iOS and Window Phones. You can search for this application on your
native app store. 3. On the CrypKart web page, click on Proceed to activate the app. 4. Make a note of the backup code shown on the page, preferably on a piece of paper and keep it in
a safe location. 5. Open the Google Authenticator app on your mobile and click on Begin Setup. 6. Click on the scan barcode tab on the app. 7. When asked ?allow the application to take pictures and record video? select ALLOW . then scan
the barcode shown on the CrypKart webpage. 8. The 2FA codes will now be seen in the Google Authenticator app. To finish the setup, enter the
code generated by the Google Authenticator application into the CrypKart website in the box
marked Authentication code and select Enable two-factor authentication. Your two-factor authentication is now enabled! Every time you log in to your account or
initiate a transaction you will be required to enter the code generated by your authenticator application.

At we use a feedback system that displays a score on your public profile. This score, denoted in percentage, gives a reading of the positive feedback that any user has. You can give feedback for a particular user only one time. The feedback has to be selected from the following: Positive, Neutral and Block. If the feedback selected meets certain criteria it will be visible on a user's public profile otherwise the selected feedback remains unconfirmed. Unconfirmed feedback is only visible to the receiving user and CrypKart administrators and does not affect the public feedback score. Users that don't complete a trade cannot leave a feedback, but if they mark each other as trusted or not trusted they can select a Positive, neutral or block feedback.

Positive: getting a trustworthy feedback marks the person as a reliable trader and increases the receiver's feedback score. Only the people you give a positive feedback to, can view your Trusted Only advertisements. The list of people whom you've marked as positive appear in your profile. Neutral: A neutral feedback doesn't make any change to the receiver's feedback score. Block: Blocking a user gives the receiver a negative feedback and lowers their feedback score. It also prevents that user from contacting you.

A feedback given to a user can be either confirmed or unconfirmed. Confirmed feedback is displayed on the user's public profile and changes the user's feedback score. Unconfirmed feedbacks are only visible to the receiving user and administrators and does not change the feedback score. To convert an unconfirmed feedback to a confirmed one, any of the following conditions have to be met: ? For a feedback to be confirmed the trades between the giving and receiving users has to be
more than 0.01 BTC
OR ? The total volume of trade done by the giver of the feedback must be more than 0.02 BTC OR ? The ID of the feedback giver has been verified and their total trade volume is minimum 0.01 BTC

No, feedback once submitted is final and cannot be changed.
No, feedback once submitted is final and cannot be changed.
We currently do not allow modification of username for security reasons.
Web notifications sends you pop-up notifications through your browser every time you get a new notification on CrypKart. If you are a trader and want instant updates when something happens, enable web notifications for your browser. To enable web notifications follow these steps: 1. Put a tick in the box that says Enable Web notifications 2. Click on ACCEPT when your browser asks you for permission to show web notifications. You can now start receiving web notifications.
If you want to see your login history do as follows 1. Go to security options. 2. Click on Login History. This will give you a list of each login to your account.

SafeLogin is a security measure to safeguard your account from logins incase someone else knows your username and password. Anytime someone logs into your account from a different computer or a new web browser an email is sent to the registered address associated with your CrypKart account. This email will give you information about who started the login and provide you with a link. You will need to click and follow the link to verify your login. The Authorised Browsers Page provides you with a list of all the browsers that are authorised by SafeLogin to access your account. This page can be found from the security options. This page lets you deny access to a browser if you do not recognise it. If you are unable to access your account using SafeLogin, open up a support ticket to get help.

At times a trader might request for your ID. Even if you already have a verified ID with CrypKart, sometimes during your first trade a trader might ask you to identify yourself. This is because in some countries sellers are bound by local laws to know personal details of their customers. Most sellers mention if they require ID verification or not in their terms for trading. If you do not wish to reveal your identity to the seller, you can cancel the trade and find another where the trader does not have this requirement. To share your ID with the seller always use the trade chat, because our trade chat messages are encrypted and stored on our servers and are automatically deleted after 180 days. All photographs sent to the trade chat are watermarked to prevent any misuse.

The sellers normally transfer cryptocurrency as soon as they get confirmation of your payment, which may sometimes take upto an hour or two. If you've paid but are still to receive your crypto, do not worry because all online trades are protected by escrow and the seller will not be able to run away with your crypto or money. Incase there is an issue with the trade because of which the seller does not release your Bitcoins, you can dispute the trade and have CrypKart support team resolve the issue. If you are a buyer or seller of Bitcoins online, and you have marked the payment complete, you will have to wait for 1 hour before you can dispute the trade. However a dispute cannot be started once the cryptocurrency has been released from escrow or if it is a local/cash trade.. if a trade you are involved in becomes disputed, you'll receive notification via SMS and email. In most cases starting a dispute gets the attention of your trading partner, and the disputed trade is generally resolved within 1-2 days.

A small amount of crypto from your wallet is reserved for payments to be made to the crypto network as crypto transaction fees. Every crypto transaction carries a small fee which is paid to the network for their services. This fee is reserved in advance to prevent a negative balance in your wallet. All details of fees charged by us can be found on fees page.
You might face this problem while you are buying crypto online. On sending a trade request to the seller of crypto, a time window opens up for you to complete the payment once the request is accepted, after completion of which the trade remains cancelled automatically (the time window differs on the basis of the payment method of the trade). You need to complete your payment and press the I have paid button within the allotted time and also the grace time. Once the seller is notified that you've made the payment the crypto is held in escrow and kept there until the seller releases them for you after confirming receipt of payment in their account. If you made the payment, but did not mark the payment complete before the given time window runs out, we allow a grace period of half the original time of the trade, during this time please contact the seller through the inbuilt trade chat and ask him to check his accounts and click ?I have paid seller? The Bitcoin seller has the power to not cancel the trade and wait for some time. If the seller does not respond to this request you can then contact our support using the Support request form mentioning your trade id number and our team will help you resolve the matter.

Crypkart uses an online dynamic wallet. Sending and receiving transactions are independent of each other. If you check your CrypKart wallet address on or from any other block explorer you will see transactions that are done by other traders as well. This is how all web wallets operate. You cannot find a link between incoming and outgoing transactions for the same crypto address.

Most crypto transactions are irreversible, once you send money to another address neither you nor CrypKart can reverse it. The only way to get your currency back would be to trace the owner of the address and request them to return the crypto back to you. (VERY UNLIKELY) You can do an online search of the address to see if it is connected to any crypto service that contains contact details or try using a service such as Blockchain/Ether/LTC explorer to see if the wallet is marked to a crypto company. If all these searches come up empty, you can ask our users on the website forum if anyone knows the owner of the said address. Please note that a single wallet can have multiple incoming addresses. The crypto protocol can keep crypto from being sent to an address that does not exist, however crypto can be sent to addresses which are not active or under anyone's control.

If you are not getting any emails from CrypKart, try the following. ? Ensure that the email in your user profile is spelt correctly. ? Check your spam folder, the emails might be getting diverted there. ? At times an email service provider may block emails from certain domains, you can use an
alternate email address and see if that works. Click here to change your email address. ? If you are are still unable to receive emails from us click here to contact support

Under all the listings on the front page you will see a Currency search field, type your local currency in that field and press enter. Reload the page and you will get advertisement listings for your location. By default, CrypKart requests access to your current location to serve you better.

Crypkart website is currently available in over a 100 different languages. You can choose the language of your choice from the footer. Scroll all the way down to the bottom of the home page and click on languages to get a drop down list of all available options. Simply click on the language of your choice.

You can use your email address instead of your username to login. Just type your email id in the username field. If you?ve forgotten both you can open a support thread and we will provide you with the required information to access your account.
In case you cannot remember your username, email and password to access your CrypKart account, go to the support ticket page and select the option that matches your situation and fill out the given form and we will provide you information on how to gain access to your account.
If you have changed your smartphone or need to re-activate your Mobile based two-factor authentication application for any other reason kindly follow these steps. To re-activate your Two-Factor authentication codes with Google Authenticator you will need the backup code that you got during the previous activation process. 1. Find your Two-factor authentication backup code from your previous two-factor authentication processor. 2. Install and launch the Google Authenticator app on your device. 3. Click on begin to activate setup. 4. Select the option Enter a provided key. 5. Enter CrypKart in the account name field. 6. Enter your Two-factor authentication backup code in the key field. 7. Leave the dropdown as Time based. 8. Press add account to reactivate your Two-factor authentication. Now you can use the code provided by the app to authenticate your CrypKart account and log in. Incase this did not work, or if you do not have the previous backup code , you will not be able to re-activate your two-factor authentication and must opt for a two-factor authentication removal. You can find the link to submit a removal option on the page that asks for your two-factor authentication code during login.

A single phone number can only be verified with one account. To use the same phone number with a different account you must first deactivate your phone number from the earlier account. If you are unable to log in to the other account to remove your phone number kindly contact our support by raising a support ticket and mention the phone number to be removed in the ticket.
The lowest price advertisement appears first. If your advertisement is not appearing on the trading page please read the following: 1. Check for Bitcoin balance in your Crypkart wallet
For advertisements requiring online payment modes you need to have at least 0.0005 BTC in your wallet for your ads to be made visible. For posting local advertisements which require cash payment you need to have at least 0.0005 BTC in your wallet. 2. The advertisement might be visible on a page other than the front page
Only 5 advertisements of each category are listed in the first page. Deciding Your advertisement cost price needs you to be a seasoned trader with lot of trading experience before your advertisement starts showing up on the first page. 3. The advertisement does not come up in search results. A single search results for advertisements shows only a maximum of 10 ads. To find more advertisements that match the search criteria, click the Show more link and select the applicable payment method. As you offer the best price, it gives your advert the top spot. 4. There might be an error in the advertisement visibility setting If the advertisement is still not visible there might be some error with the settings of that ad. Go to the public page of that particular advertisement and at the side of the advert, you will see a toggle on off switch. Click that to ?ON? All settings of your advertisement will be available here, make all the necessary changes required to make your advertisement visible. 5. Open a support ticket If the above information does not help you to resolve the issue kindly open a support ticket(hl) and contact our team for help.

For new traders there is a limit on how many advertisements they can create. At the beginning a trader can only create 5 ads. To be able to create more than the limited number the trader needs to have high trade volumes.
Advertisement prices are dependent on the crypto exchange rates. Cryptocurrency exchange is highly volatile and changes frequently. At CrypKart the exchange rates and advertisement prices are updated every minute. Since the prices in the listings and the front page are cached, the updates might take a little longer. During certain times when the crypto rate is fluctuating frequently, there may be a price difference between advertisements with same price equation. Also at times market data is unavailable for certain currencies, in which case there may be delay in updating advertisement prices. However, the advertisement page itself will show a more updated price. The price of the trade is decided at the point where the crypto buyer initiates the trade request.

While using floating price the volume of crypto traded is decided at the close of trade rather than at the start because the price of trade changes with changes in the exchange rate for all cryptos. In case of local cash transactions where the time between opening and closing the trade can be spread over few days, floating price helps by reducing market rate risks. The floating price is calculated on the basis of the CrypKart sell exchange rate. The seller can add an additional margin on top of that.

You can use certain preset complex formulas to fix a price. If your device is javascript enabled, use weighted (USD24) or the market price (bitstamp) as your base price, and enter the commission percentage you wish to charge in the "commission" field. If you want to sell at a price lower than the market price use a negative commission percentage.

If you have verified the ID of a CrypKart user you can mention that in your trade comments for other users to see. When the user whom you have verified opens trade with another user it will be shown in his security box that his real name has been verified by you. This is a method by which trust can be established between clients. This option is enabled for all new accounts.

You can use certain preset complex formulas to fix a price. If your device is javascript enabled, use weighted (USD24) or the market price (bitstamp) as your base price, and enter the commission percentage you wish to charge in the "commission" field. If you want to sell at a price lower than the market price use a negative commission percentage.

If you have verified the ID of a CrypKart user you can mention that in your trade comments for other users to see. When the user whom you have verified opens trade with another user it will be shown in his security box that his real name has been verified by you. This is a method by which trust can be established between clients. This option is enabled for all new accounts.
We do not allow company verified accounts at the moment. A user can take responsibility on behalf of a company and begin trading with us. Accounting to the company would be solely the responsibility of the user associated with the said company.