CrypKart Fees

Cryptocurrency trading

  • Registration to the website : FREE*
  • Buying of any cryptocurrency : FREE*
  • Selling of any cryptocurrency : FREE*
  • Buying/Selling of CrypKoins : No transaction/brokerage fees charged by CrypKart - but you will need to pay the current price of CrypKoin as in the case of any other cryptocurrency.

*CrypKart does not charge any fees for these activities.

Users/Traders who create advertisements are charged a 0.8% fee for every completed trade.
This charge is deducted in the parent currency in which you trade. For eg. If you are buying or selling Ethereum then the charge would be deducted in ethereum.

Discount in CrypKart charges :

If you are holding sufficient CrypKoins in your wallet, then the trade charge as charged by CrypKart would automatically get deducted in CrypKoins. In this case, the effective charge applied is discounted by a factor of 40%. So the final charge would be 40% less on the 0.8%. Please note this happens automatically if you are holding sufficient quantity of CrypKoins.

Crypto currency transaction fees

  • Transactions to wallets of other CrypKart users are free. You can send and receive any currency including CrypKoins to other CrypKart users for ZERO fees.
  • Transactions to other wallets - which are outside of CrypKart are subject to network transaction fee - respective to each coin. This fees may change depending on the current usage rate of the blockchains. CrypKart reserves the right to adjust this fee based on the current network congestion to make sure your transactions are confirmed as quickly as possible. The transaction fee is paid from your CrypKarts wallet when you send a transaction - in the same coin that you are transacting.
  • When depositing to CrypKarts wallet currently there is no fees - but this is subject to change as and when needed to expedite transactions and to average out transaction fees. This fees is deducted while making the deposit credit to your wallet. The fee varies on how congested the Network is. If your deposit amount is smaller than the deposit fee, the deposit will not be processed.