CrypKart Partner Program (CPP)

CrypKart Partner Program ~ a never-seen-before earning opportunity for the select few. Another channel for us to give back to the community, the CPP program comes from years of understanding the crypto trading space and its unique set of needs.

Who can become a CrypKart Partner ?

You become automatically eligible to join the CPP if you are holding and as long as you are holding more than 15000 CrypKoins. But please note that to become a partner, you will need to apply to us (a link to apply gets enabled on your profile page - as your CrypKoin balance touches 15000' CKN). There is a limit to how many partners can we have depending on

  • your physical location
  • your reputation as a trader on the exchange
  • your number of trades
  • your total trade volume

and few more.,

Can anyone holding the required CKN become a CPP ?

No. You will need to apply to become a partner.
(a link to apply gets enabled on your profile page - as your CrypKoin balance touches 15000 CKN).
A partner is selected for partnership based on -

  • the geographical location
  • the reputation as a trader on the exchange
  • the number of trades
  • the total trade volume

and few more.,

What are the advantages of becoming a partner ?

Once you become a CPP - new earning and PR opportunities unleash.

  • A page for partners on the website mentioning your pic and name
  • New earning opportunities
  • Share from referral trades : 5% share of what CrypKart makes in brokerage/commission from each of your referrals - every trade. The payback will be in the same currency as the trade of referral.
  • OTC Facilitation fees : If you help CrypKart close cash trades - you get -% in fees as a facilitation fees before of what CrypKart makes - in the currency of trade.
  • CrypKart and CrypKoin goodie Hamper comprising of a CrypKart Partner Certificate, T-Shirt, Mug, Cookies Profile Coverage on CrypKart website and YouTube channel short video welcoming and recognising you as a partner.
  • An official certificate/letter mentioning that you are an authorized CrypKart partner.

What are the responsibilities that need to be taken care of by a CrypKart partner ?

  • Spread CrypKart by referrals as much as possible
  • Facilitate cash (OTC) trades by providing infrastructure space - where both seller and buyer can meet and conclude the trade in your presence.

What happens when the CKN balance goes down ?

If the balance goes down for more than 5 days

  • Your name would disappear from the list of partners
  • Your certificate if checked online would show expired or invalid
  • You will not be authorized to conduct OTC trades on behalf of CrypKart
  • Your name and contact info would not be shown to trades who want to do cash trade
  • Referral fees commission stops

We give you 5 days to refill your CKN account back to the 15000 CKN mark.

For more queries write to us on : [email protected]