CrypKart Launch and a wonderful offer to make more

Posted by CrypKart October 25, 2018

CrypKart is a peer-to-peer crypto currency exchange - promoted by real traders.

As a launch offer, the first thousand traders who sign up at CrypKart will enjoy the following benefits :

  1. Get FREE CrypKoins by just being LIVE - Get 1 CKN for every 2 hours of being live with your advert (that is 12 CKN per day)
  2. Trade with ZERO Fees - For every trade that you conduct we reimburse you your brokerage paid to CrypKart

We call each of the first 1000 traders who join us - as CrypKart Angels. CrypKart needs "ANGELS" from each country in the world to help us grow. All they need to do is be active on our platform with one or more advertisements live (buy or sell)

Each CrypKoin is priced at 0.1 USD. So this is your golden chance to earn as much as you can.

Remarks :

  1. The system will calculate how many hours you were live (with atleast 1 ad live) and credit CKN's to your wallet.
  2. CKN's that are used towards trade brokerage will be reimbursed back within a maximum of 15 days directly in your wallet on CrypKart
  3. Offer valid till 1st December 2018, unless extended.
  4. Your price of Bitcoin should not be more than 10% up or down of market price. If we find that your ad is beyond this rate (as per the rate on then your CKN would not be credited or will be returned back to CrypKart and you would be disqualified from this earning program.
  5. If the CrypKart fees (brokerage) is paid in BTC it will be credited back too.

For any queries write to us on [email protected]